Vampire, Werewolf, Aliens, Quiet Suburban Cannibals, A Murderous Ex-Girlfriend, Killer Clown, Bigfoot, A Neighbor with a lot of anger, and others. A flash fiction collection of horror stories 800 words or less by Steven Farkas. Get it today!

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 Head banging flesh tearing gorefest The Zombie Roller Derby Chicks from Hell. Part One: a rabid disease breaks out during a roller derby bout in a NJ seaside town. It takes only hours to spread town wide. Part Two: the zombies lead by the derby zombies spread the disease throughout the state.

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Murder in the Dark city

a detective Blaze Story

Murder in the Dark City is a Pulp fiction story set in the year 2300. The private detective is Blue Blaze a robot who like the robots of the future, is a former police detective who has been put out to pasture in a future United States in which there is no education, no jobs, and little hope except for the super rich. Blaze is hired to find out who killed the wealthy Everett Kristoff. As he follows the clues he finds the killer much closer and devious than ever could be imagined. This like the pulp of the 1930's set in the distant future. A science fiction story with a pulp fiction feel.