Hannah watches a little old lady wander around looking lost. Not knowing what the old lady really is, she decides to help the woman find her home. Once there the old lady, Borbala, asks Hannah inside. Next thing Hannah knows she awakens to terror and a horror she can't believe. Borbala feeds on blood.
The Horvaths are a young couple who move in next door to Borbala. Once they figure out she is like them, they wait for the opportunity to get rid of her and clear the hunting grounds for themselves.
When their chance arrives all hell breaks loose in a cavalcade of violence, blood, and death.

A collection of five short zombie stories and a zombie novella. The short stories include a live zombie Halloween decoration, burnt zombies from a comet take over the world, a mall Santa turns into a zombie, three people find themselves under siege by zombies in a small farmhouse, and bad meat turns the world into zombies.

The novella is set in a youth summer camp where the children become zombies led my a strange man who seems to be a religious icon but hides a bigger secret. The camp children become zombies and feast upon the counselors, the local police and eventually the whole town.

Murder in the Dark city

a detective Blaze Story

Murder in the Dark City is a Pulp fiction story set in the year 2300. The private detective is Blue Blaze a robot who like the robots of the future, is a former police detective who has been put out to pasture in a future United States in which there is no education, no jobs, and little hope except for the super rich. Blaze is hired to find out who killed the wealthy Everett Kristoff. As he follows the clues he finds the killer much closer and devious than ever could be imagined. This like the pulp of the 1930's set in the distant future. A science fiction story with a pulp fiction feel.

The circus is coming. But this is no ordinary circus. Stalker Clown, Bearded Woman Vampire, Pyromaniac Imp, Merry Go Round From Hell, and other horrors are all part of the terror this circus brings to town. A small town called Darkside has seen this circus arrive every year and bring with it nothing but horror and violent problems. But this year is different, the town split between the business community that counts on the circus and the common citizens who often are targets, fight each other and the circus until blood runs in the streets and the glow of fire fills the night.